måndag 26 oktober 2009

Upptäckte att min favoritförfattare - Andrew Vachss - finns på twitter!

AndrewVachss I love animals—they don't do the things people do unless they absolutely have to, and even then it's never for fun. from web

AndrewVachss But all I have to show for my life when I’m done—the same as anybody else—is how the place is different because I was in the room. from web

AndrewVachss I don't inquire into the belief systems of predatory pedophiles. You can't concern yourself with motivation. Behavior is the only truth. from web

AndrewVachss On TV, one of those "hold-em" tournaments, the poker equivalent of nine-ball. Watching chumps confuse luck with skill always soothes me. from web

AndrewVachss When you want the purest information, you need the most neutral possible source. Finding one, that's the trick. from web

AndrewVachss Children know the truth / Love is not an emotion / Love is behavior from web

AndrewVachss Training a dog isn't any more complicated than rewarding anything they do right. Next time they do it, you add a command. from web

AndrewVachss Some dimwit on the City Council announced he was sponsoring legislation to ban #pitbulls. An animal lover--he had a bichon frise, didn't he? from web

AndrewVachss There is no bio-genetic code that produces a rapist, or a serial killer, or an arsonist who giggles at the flames. We make our own monsters. from web

AndrewVachss A child who throws a rock at pigeons is giving us the chance to intervene @ the crossroads: we can teach empathy or we can encourage cruelty from web

AndrewVachss The myth is that pit bulls are inherently dangerous to children. The truth is, just like with people, you get what you raise.

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